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First major firmware update for the Golden Harvest v2

As mentioned in the official release announcement, one of the key features of our Golden Harvest board is that there will be regular firmware updates in future that will install automatically once an update file is saved on the microSD card. Here comes the first update! Update file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyoiq4q1dmrhx5t/update.dat?dl=0 Installation: Just delete the file “UPDATE_D.DAT” … Continued

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Release date

Breaking news! We’re still working on the Golden Harvest to secure to make a really great board, but we decided that the eagerly awaited release will be around September 2018, more updates will come soon!

Technical specifications revealed

The technical specifications of our board were kept secret so far, but as our work on it progresses, we now decided that the time has come to reveal at least some of them to give you a glance at how amazing our board will be. Just lean back and let us make your eyes sparkle! … Continued

First prototypes produced

Amazing news! The hardware development of our Golden Harvest board is finished and the first prototypes have been produced! Now, we optimize the software to get the best out of our lightsaber control unit. For that, we reached out to highly skilled experts in motion detection to guarantee the utmost realistic experience you can imagine!

Hardware development almost finished

We proudly announce that the hardware development of our Golden Harvest board is going to be finished soon! You’ll be amazed of it! Our engineers surpassed themselves. As a next step, we’ll start programming the software – there are excited weeks to come!

What shall be the name of our new soundboard?

Inspired by the working title “Blue Harvest” of “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”, we gave our soundboard the codename “Golden Harvest”. As one of our main goals in designing our soundboard is to give you the possibility to participate in its development, we ask you to decide what the future name of … Continued


On this site, you can get the latest news on the development of our soundboard! Thus, check it regularly – we’ ll give you further information on our board soon!