Saber Tec

Technical specifications revealed

The technical specifications of our board were kept secret so far, but as our work on it progresses, we now decided that the time has come to reveal at least some of them to give you a glance at how amazing our board will be. Just lean back and let us make your eyes sparkle! Now, the galactic fanfares please!

The Golden Harvest will have all of the following features:
  – dimensions of 31mm x 21mm x 5mm (yes, it’s that tiny!)
  – powered by 3.7V (single 18650 Li-ion cell for example)
  – supports up to 4 LED channels with up to 4A each
  – revolutionary, proprietary sound engine
  – 12bit audio sample resolution
  – background hum sound effect
  – up to 99 different swing sounds
  – up to 99 different clash sounds
  – epic clash light effects
  – blade pulsation effect
  – blade flickering effect
  – microSD card slot
  – all light and sound effects are configurable to customize your saber
  – supports speaker with up to 2W power

In addition to that our board will have even more fascinating features than listed above. We’ll give you more information on what these features are soon. Stay tuned and may the force be with you!