Saber Tec

A legally binding purchase order is sent after completing the following steps:
a. Click on the button „Shop Now“ or „Shop“ to get to the online shop interface;
b. Selection of the individual articles by clicking on them;
c. Adding the article to the cart by clicking on the button “Add to Cart” after selecting the number of each article to be added to cart by filling in the exact number in the field to the left of the “Add to cart”-button;
d. Reviewing the content of the cart by clicking the button “View Cart”;
e. Click on button “Proceed to Checkout”;
f. Filling out of the shipping and payment details, afterwards click on button “Proceed”;
g. After reviewing the shipping and payment information the Buyer has to accept the Supplier’s Terms and Conditions and read and confirm the revocation/cancellation notice;
h. The final order will be send by clicking on the button “Place binding order”.