Saber Tec

First major firmware update for the Golden Harvest v2

As mentioned in the official release announcement, one of the key features of our Golden Harvest board is that there will be regular firmware updates in future that will install automatically once an update file is saved on the microSD card. Here comes the first update!

Update file:

Just delete the file “UPDATE_D.DAT” from your microSD card (if this file exists). Then, put the update file “update.dat” on your microSD card and insert it into your board again (no renaming needed). After the next boot, it will install the update automatically. Once the boot sound appears, your board is updated.

– Due to strong customer demand, we added a Hibernation Mode (Deep Sleep). By default, your board will go into this power saving mode if you didn’t use it for 5 minutes. This value is also customizable of course (see below). To wake your board up again, just press the power button and wait for the boot sound. For a 3400 mAh battery, the board can stay more than 8 months in Hibernation Mode.
– Also many customers asked if it was possible to support pre-mixed sound fonts from without additional renaming of the files:
After this update we’re still using our own naming system, but to fulfill this wish of our customers, our board recognizes now also the common naming system from It detects automatically which naming system is used.

How to customize the time after which the board goes into Hibernation Mode?
To do that, you have to download our latest default effect font package:
Just unzip the files, put them all on your microSD card by replacing the existen tfiles and choose your hardware setup. We introduced a new parameter “deep_sleep” contained in the “effect[number].txt” files. Just set it to the value you want (from 1 to 1000). The time is given in seconds.