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All features of the Golden Harvest v2 revealed and release announced

Now, the time has come! The Golden Harvest revolution will start soon! The release of our board will take place on 09/16/2018.

As we are near to this date, we decided to unveil all of the features our Golden Harvest board will have. Let us blow your mind! The Golden Harvest board will have the following technical specifications and features:

– tiny dimensions of 31 mm x 21 mm x 5 mm / 1.22 ” x 0.82 ” x 0.19 ”
– powered by 3.7 V (single 18650 Li-ion cell for example)
– provides 4 LED channels with up to 4 A each that are independently configurable:
   – can drive even QuadCrees
   – capable of delivering up to 16 A in sum (if you need such a high current, please make sure
     that your battery can provide that and your Golden Harvest is cooled enough)
   – can drive up to 200 accent LEDs (with about 20 mA each) wired in parallel per LED channel
– supports speakers with 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm and with up to 3 W power
– full functionality accessible even if used with only one momentary switch
– can also be used with one momentary and one latching switch as well as with two momentary switches
– microSD card slot
– highly sophisticated motion engine:
   – customizable sensitivity
   – capable of tracing every nuance of your saber’s Motion
   – detects swings
   – detects clashs
   – detects stabs
   – detects spins
– revolutionary, proprietary sound engine
– 12 bit audio sample Resolution
– full-blown sound effect engine:
   – up to 99 different swing sounds
   – up to 99 different clash sounds
   – up to 99 different stab sounds
   – up to 99 different spin sounds
   – up to 99 different lockup sounds
   – up to 99 different blaster sounds
   – up to 99 different force sounds
   – up to 99 different boot sounds
   – up to 99 different power on sounds
   – up to 99 different power off sounds
   – hum sound
   – menu sounds
   – up to 99 different sound fonts that contain all these sound effects
– overwhelming light effect engine:
   – full customizability of the effects
   – each LED channel can have completely independent light effects
   – capability of defining unique light effects even for accent LEDs
   – customizability of crystal chamber effects for example
   – pulse effects:
      – conventional pulse
      – speed transition pulse, a.k.a. “HyperPulse”
intensity transition pulse, a.k.a. “ÜberPulse”
color transition effects
      – 6 different pulse shapes: sine, impulse, inverted impulse, rising sawtooth, falling sawtooth, rectangular
   – flicker effects:
      – conventional flicker
      – intensity transition, a.k.a. “PhaseFlicker”
3 different flicker types: subtractive, additive and mixed
      – flicker synchronization
      – flicker color protection
   – configurable fade out
   – configurable effect duration
   – unique basic effects
   – unique clash effects
   – unique stab effects
   – unique swing effects
   – unique spin effects
   – unique lockup effects
   – unique blaster effects
   – unique force effects
   – as there are more than 600 parameters, you can literally invent your own light effects
   – assuming there are 1000 possible values for each parameter (which is a hard under-estimation),
     you could create 101800 (a one with 1800 zeros) possible effect fonts,
     that’s more than there are atoms in the universe!
   – genious online configuration tool for designing, saving and sharing your light effects:
   – tutorial for the configurator available on
   – also default parameter settings available, so you have already epic light effects
     even without having to change any of the parameters
   – all light effect parameters are summarized in effect fonts
   – capability of changing the whole light effects on the fly just as changing sound fonts (see below)
– game-changing effect fonts:
   – introduced as an analogue to sound Fonts
   – contain all customizable parameters, especially the light effect parameters
   – can define certain effect styles just as sound fonts define certain sound styles
   – you can also have different motion sensitivity in different effect fonts
   – can be changed on the fly
   – up to 99 different effect fonts supported, i.e. you can have up to 99 completely different saber effect styles,
     not only different colors
   – default effect fonts available on