Saber Tec


Hi at all saber friends out there,

I’m Frederic, the founder of “SaberTec”. We’re a company from Germany that was founded with the goal to revolutionize the saber world by developing our “Golden Harvest” soundboard. We started this journey back in 2016, but kept our project secret for a long time. Now, after almost two years of development and optimization, we’re proud to be able to present you today our Golden Harvest board! Let the fanfares sound – here it comes!




The Golden Harvest has the following technical specifications and provides all of the following features:
– tiny dimensions of 31 mm x 21 mm x 4 mm / 1.22 ” x 0.82 ” x 0.157 ”
– powered by 3.7 V (single 18650 Li-ion cell for example)
– provides 4 LED channels with up to 4 A each that are independently configurable:
    – can drive even QuadCrees
    – capable of delivering up to 16 A in sum (if you need such a high current, please make sure that your battery can provide that)
    – can drive up to 200 accent LEDs (with about 20 mA each) wired in parallel per LED channel
    – full customizability even of accent LEDs such as switch LEDs or crystal chamber LEDs
    – using the whole range of our effect engine
– supports speakers with 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm and with up to 3 W power
– full functionality accessible even if used with only one momentary switch
– can also be used with one momentary and one latching switch as well as with two momentary switches
– microSD card slot
– highly sophisticated motion engine:
    – customizable sensitivity
    – ultra low motion-to-sound latency
    – detects swings
    – detects clashs
    – detects stabs
    – detects spins
– revolutionary, proprietary sound engine
– 12 bit audio sample resolution
– full-blown sound effect engine:
    – up to 99 different swing sounds
    – up to 99 different clash sounds
    – up to 99 different stab sounds
    – up to 99 different spin sounds
    – up to 99 different lockup sounds
    – up to 99 different blaster sounds
    – up to 99 different force sounds
    – up to 99 different boot sounds
    – up to 99 different power on sounds
    – up to 99 different power off sounds
    – hum sound
    – menu sounds
    – up to 99 different sound fonts that contain all these sound effects
– overwhelming light effect engine:
    – full customizability of the effects
    – each LED channel can have completely independent light effects
    – capability of defining unique light effects even for accent LEDs
    – customizability of crystal chamber effects for example
    – pulse effects:
        – conventional pulse
        – speed transition pulse, a.k.a. “HyperPulse”
        – intensity transition pulse, a.k.a. “ÜberPulse”
        – color transition effects
        – 6 different pulse shapes: sine, impulse, inverted impulse, rising sawtooth, falling sawtooth, rectangular
    – flicker effects:
        – conventional flicker
        – intensity transition, a.k.a. “PhaseFlicker”
        – 3 different flicker types: subtractive, additive and mixed
        – flicker synchronization
        – flicker color protection
    – configurable fade out
    – configurable effect duration
    – unique basic effects
    – unique clash effects
    – unique stab effects
    – unique swing effects
    – unique spin effects
    – unique lockup effects
    – unique blaster effects
    – unique force effects
    – as there are more than 600 parameters, you can literally invent your own light effects
    – assuming there are 1000 possible values for each parameter (which is a hard under-estimation), you could create 10^1800
      (a one with 1800 zeros) possible effect fonts – that’s more than there are atoms in the universe!
    – genious online configuration tool for designing, saving and sharing your light effects
    – also default parameter settings available, so you get already epic light effects even
      without having to change any of the parameters
    – all light effect parameters are summarized in effect fonts
    – capability of changing the whole light effects on the fly just as changing sound fonts (see below)
– game-changing effect fonts:
    – introduced as an analogue to sound fonts
    – contain all customizable parameters, especially the light effect parameters
    – can define certain effect styles just as sound fonts define certain sound styles
    – you can also have different motion sensitivity in different effect fonts
    – can be changed on the fly
    – up to 99 different effect fonts supported, i.e. you can have up to 99 completely
      different saber effect styles, not only different colors
    – pairable with sound fonts on the fly as the Golden Harvest board remembers
      with which effect font a sound font was lastly used
    – default effect fonts and manual available on https://sabertec.net/downloads
– free firmware updates which you can simply install yourself by saving a file on your microSD card


A demo video of the features of the Golden Harvest board can be found here:

During the development of our Golden Harvest board we focussed in particular on a high customizability of the light and sound effects. Here, especially two aspects were very important to us. On the one hand, our goal was to provide you an overwhelming, realistic experience that let’s you dive into another world. On the other hand, the light and sound effects should be versatilely configurable such that you could even create your very own world by giving your lightsaber an unique style. May it be simple, complex or even exotic effects – due to the great variety of our settings, you can realize almost every effect you can imagine and even literally invent own ones. As mentioned above, we introduced so-called effect fonts as an analogue to sound fonts to summarize all the parameters defining the light effects of your saber. In the current version of our Golden Harvest board, you can use more than 600 parameters for that. Not only the basic state of your saber (when no motion is triggered) is fully configurable, but also all the other saber states: clash, stab, swing, spin, lockup, blaster and force!
But also if you’re not willing to change many parameters: our Golden Harvest board can also be run without changing any parameter at all as it comes with a default set of well-working parameter values.


SaberTec Configurator

The parameters are customizable by using our revolutionary online configurator. It’s not only a graphical interface to change the parameters as it even shows you an animated preview of the light effects! We worked for more than 6 months on the realistic color mixing which now is running amazingly well. Therefore, we implemented highly complex mathematical algorithms that really simulate the mixing of light of different colors emitted by LEDs. You can mix even up to 4 colors and the resulting color is predicted with an astonishing precision. As a reference we used the Cree LEDs that are sold by The Custom Saber Shop.
As these algrithms are highly sophisticated, we’re running our configurator on some of the most powerful servers on this planet: the Google Cloud. Together with state-of-the-art KeyCDN technology, this guarantees to deliver you the best experience possible.
If you’ve designed a cool effect font that you want to use on your saber, you can download it from the configurator and save it on your microSD card. It’s even possible to share effect fonts with the community! After sharing your effect font, you’ll get a link to it and it will be added to a data base that other users can browse. Of course, you can also browse for other effect fonts on your own to discover all the amazing effects that were designed by the community!

Just unleash your creativity by trying it out yourself on https://sabertec.net/configurator!

There’s both a quick guide for how to use the configurator available on https://sabertec.net/downloads and a tutorial on our YouTube channel. Here, a short introduction to the basic structure of our configurator and a demonstration of some exceptional effects to show how powerful our effect engine is:


We’ll continue producing tutorials in future and as well as we’ll also improve our configurator steadily! Currently, we’re working on adding the following features which will be finished very soon:
    – Implementation of two animation styles: “Camera Perception” which shows how your saber looks like on videos
       and “Human Perception” which shows how your saber looks like in reality.
    – Upload feature for own sound fonts to allow you to design your custom effect fonts such that they fit your
       sound fonts nicely.
    – Selectable Neopixel mode of the animation (the next version of the Golden Harvest will support Neopixel)

If you’ve got any ideas or wishes what to add else to the configurator, just write us to info@sabertec.net!

Default Sound Font Package

Our Golden Harvest board comes with a set of default sound fonts that are already installed on the microSD card. Currently, this package contains the following sound fonts (listed in randomized order):
    – “Balance” by LordBlako Saber Fonts:
       A powerful font belonging to a character who tries to bring balance between the light and the dark side of the force.
       Check out more of the genious sound fonts by LordBlako Saber Fonts on http://www.saberfont.com/Lord-Blako_c_15.html
    – “Psy-Borg” by CrystalSoniX:
       This mind blowing font belongs to the Psy-Borg who is the ultimate melding of man and machine. With his human skeleton,
       nervous system and mind (sort of) intact, the rest resembles (and may in fact be) Jensaarai warrior’s armour:
       reflecting his totem beast the acklay, while also similar to the Japanese Samurai of our own universe. Check out more
       of the amazing work of CrystalSoniX on http://www.saberfont.com/Crystal-Sonix-_c_33.html.
    – “Daddy Issues” by Fonts by Fourzze:
       A faithful recreation of the hero sound of “Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi”. Check out more of the mind-blowing Fonts
       by Fonts by Fourzze on http://www.saberfont.com/Fonts-by-Fourzze_c_40.html.
    – “Guardian” by LDN Sabers:
       This is the strong font of a a Jedi who survived Order 66. He was forced to construct a new type of lightsaber,
       which was a double bladed wooden pike to be able to hide from the empire. Check out more of the epic fonts by LDN Sabers
       on http://www.saberfont.com/LDN-Sabers_c_79.html.


Guys, thank you so much for supporting our Golden Harvest project by providing these amazing sound fonts!

The default sound font package will be extended soon. Stay tuned! If you purchase a Golden Harvest board now, you’ll get the sound fonts that’ll be added for free of course!


As a celebration of the release, we offer a limited discount.

Get 25% off your first Golden Harvest board with the Coupon Code YESIWANTIT (which means that it sells for 59,90 Euro / 69,04 US-Dollars)!

This discount can be applied for one board for each user or shipping address, respectively and is only available for a short time. In case you already bought your first Golden Harvest board, we’ll refund the corresponding amount of course!

Our Golden Harvest board is being made in Germany. The regular price of the board is 79.90 € incl. VAT (currently 92.10 US-dollars).

The following shipping methods are available:
    – International shipping (with insurance and tracking): 9.90 € (currently 11.41 US-dollars)
    – International shipping (without insurance and tracking): 4.90 € (currently 5.65 US-dollars)
    – Shipping within Germany (with insurance and tracking): 5.90 €
    – Shipping within Germany (without insurance and tracking): 3.70 €

Our first prototypes of the board were version 1, which was only developed for testing purposes and was further improved before the release. Therefore, the current version of the Golden Harvest is v2.

The income from the sales will be completely reinvested in the maintenance and improvement of the configurator, the improvement of the Golden Harvest v2 as well as the development of the Golden Harvest v3!
As mentioned above, the next version of the Golden Harvest will support Neopixel. We’re trying to finish its development as soon as possible in order to provide also all the Neopixel fans among you our Golden Harvest experience!

We want to thank many great people who supported our project during development:

    – Thanks to ArgentumSabers, Germany’s first saberstore located in Bielefeld, Germany, who supported us almost
       from the beginning on and already offer sabers with a Golden Harvest heart – the saber shown in the first picture is made
       by them and called “Slasher”! If you’re interested to know more about it, check out their shop on www.shop.argentumsabers.de.
    – Thanks to AtomSabers for testing our board and providing important feedback. Check out their www.atomsabers.com.
       They also start currently to use our boards.
    – Thanks to Shameem who also tested our board and provided important feedback. Check out his Facebook site
    – Thanks to K. Rainer, D. Narozny and M. Jansen who were one of the first beta testers of our boards.
    – Thanks to LordBlako Saber Fonts, CrystalSoniX, Fonts by Fourzze and LDN Sabers for providing these great sound fonts.
    – Thanks to so many more who accompanied us during the development.
Without you this project wouldn’t have been possible!