Saber Tec

Our Golden Harvest board provides all of the following features:

– tiny dimensions of 31 mm x 21 mm x 5 mm / 1.22 ” x 0.82 ” x 0.19 ”
– powered by 3.7 V (single 18650 Li-ion cell for example)
– provides 4 LED channels with up to 4 A each that are independently configurable:
   – can drive even QuadCrees
   – capable of delivering up to 16 A in sum (if you need such a high current, please make sure
     that your battery can provide that)
   – can drive up to 200 accent LEDs (with about 20 mA each) wired in parallel per LED channel
– supports speakers with 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm and with up to 3 W power
– full functionality accessible even if used with only one momentary switch
– can also be used with one momentary and one latching switch as well as with two momentary switches
– microSD card slot
– highly sophisticated motion engine:
   – customizable sensitivity
   – capable of tracing every nuance of your saber’s Motion
   – detects swings
   – detects clashs
   – detects stabs
   – detects spins
– revolutionary, proprietary sound engine
– 12 bit audio sample Resolution
– full-blown sound effect engine:
   – up to 99 different swing sounds
   – up to 99 different clash sounds
   – up to 99 different stab sounds
   – up to 99 different spin sounds
   – up to 99 different lockup sounds
   – up to 99 different blaster sounds
   – up to 99 different force sounds
   – up to 99 different boot sounds
   – up to 99 different power on sounds
   – up to 99 different power off sounds
   – hum sound
   – menu sounds
   – up to 99 different sound fonts that contain all these sound effects
– overwhelming light effect engine:
   – full customizability of the effects
   – each LED channel can have completely independent light effects
   – capability of defining unique light effects even for accent LEDs
   – customizability of crystal chamber effects for example
   – pulse effects:
      – conventional pulse
      – speed transition pulse, a.k.a. “HyperPulse”
intensity transition pulse, a.k.a. “ÜberPulse”
color transition effects
      – 6 different pulse shapes: sine, impulse, inverted impulse, rising sawtooth, falling sawtooth, rectangular
   – flicker effects:
      – conventional flicker
      – intensity transition, a.k.a. “PhaseFlicker”
3 different flicker types: subtractive, additive and mixed
      – flicker synchronization
      – flicker color protection
   – configurable fade out
   – configurable effect duration
   – unique basic effects
   – unique clash effects
   – unique stab effects
   – unique swing effects
   – unique spin effects
   – unique lockup effects
   – unique blaster effects
   – unique force effects
   – as there are more than 600 parameters, you can literally invent your own light effects
   – assuming there are 1000 possible values for each parameter (which is a hard under-estimation),
     you could create 101800 (a one with 1800 zeros) possible effect fonts,
     that’s more than there are atoms in the universe!
   – genious online configuration tool for designing, saving and sharing your light effects: https://sabertec.net/configurator
   – tutorial for the configurator available on https://sabertec.net/downloads
   – also default parameter settings available, so you have already epic light effects
     even without having to change any of the parameters
   – all light effect parameters are summarized in effect fonts
   – capability of changing the whole light effects on the fly just as changing sound fonts (see below)
– game-changing effect fonts:
   – introduced as an analogue to sound Fonts
   – contain all customizable parameters, especially the light effect parameters
   – can define certain effect styles just as sound fonts define certain sound styles
   – you can also have different motion sensitivity in different effect fonts
   – can be changed on the fly
   – up to 99 different effect fonts supported, i.e. you can have up to 99 completely different saber effect styles,
     not only different colors
   – default effect fonts available on https://sabertec.net/downloads